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We manufacture and install frame mosquito nets for windows and doors of various sizes and configurations.

The door frame mosquito net has one or two doors. For a snug fit, we can install a latch with a magnet.

If you want the door mosquito net to cover itself, we will take care of the door closers. If the bottom of the mosquito door does not touch the threshold, then for a more tight fit of the structure to the floor, we use self-adhesive pile.

Mosquito doors are offered in two versions:

  1. With self-closing hinges. The door opens with a slight push and then closes automatically.
  2. With a rigid loop. In this case, the opening and closing of the door must be done by the user himself (in the closed position it is held by magnets).

Mosquito nets and mosquito door can be easily removed for cleaning or storage.

Mosquito nets are made according to the shapes of windows or doors.