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At the moment, we are a diversified metal processing enterprise operating on a full technological cycle:

Delivery to object

The company has everything necessary for the production, transportation and installation of metal structures and non-standard equipment: production facilities, machine park, lifting mechanisms, storage facilities, a fleet of specialized vehicles and lifting equipment.

Our facilities meet you at customs points at the entrance to Moldova from Bricani to Giurgiulesti and accompany you throughout the republic: production facilities, refrigerators, warehouses, factories and individual workshops, hospitals, commercial centers, gas stations, car washes, service stations, administrative buildings, road signs, etc.

We work only with certified materials.

Metal structures and non-standard equipment manufactured by “ACM-Muncesti” are used both for the construction of new and for the reconstruction of existing buildings and structures for industrial, civil, agricultural, social, cultural and domestic purposes.

ACM-Muncesti has a large number of regular customers and is proud of it.

Join you too!


The reliability of our structures is as strong as the ties with our partners.


We always fulfill our obligations to our clients and deliver work on time.


Modern production methods allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality services.

Flexible pricing policy

Our flexible pricing policy is characterized by the availability of discounts, as well as a wide price range.

ACM MUNCEȘTI - quality in details
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