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“ACM MUNCEȘTI” produces various sheet metal products.

When carrying out work on the assembly of window systems, their installation in various buildings – there is a constant need to design the connections between various elements.

Such products are – ebb, canopies, cover strips, panels and other structural elements.

The presence of the production base of the Antares group of enterprises allows us to design and manufacture the necessary products that have not only standard sizes, but also parts of complex shapes.

Different materials are used depending on the project – galvanized sheet, painted galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, polyester.

For typical structures, galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.55mm is usually used. or polyester in basic colors – white, brown. The base of polyester is a galvanized sheet (0.55 mm), which is phosphated and primed on both sides. At the final stage, paint is applied to the front side.