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With the development of building technologies, buildings made of light metal structures, made on a frame basis, are gaining more and more popularity. In this case, the welded beam is an indispensable element, because its load-bearing capacity and rigidity exceed the capabilities of the rolled profile.
Our factory has been manufacturing welded structures for building frames for many years. We can emphasize with confidence that our welded structures (beams) are time-tested.

The existing line of welded beams allows the production of beams of the following dimensions:

beam length – from 1 to 12 meters;
beam wall height (H) – from 300 to 1200 mm;
wall thickness (S) – from 6 to 30 mm;
shelf width (B) – from 200 to 800 mm;
shelf thickness (t) – from 6 to 36 mm.