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Awnings are an effective means of protection from the sun and precipitation. ACM MUNCEȘTI designs, manufactures and installs all types of awnings.

Visors not only protect the entrance lobby in a country cottage or office center, but also aesthetically fit into the exterior of any building. The company’s specialists will develop an exclusive design, as well as install finished products on the building in the shortest possible time. It is possible to manufacture visors according to the customer’s sketch.

Canopy awnings

They are selected individually for each object by the designer, taking into account the general architectural solutions and the necessary functions. It is possible to manufacture non-standard awnings in the form of stylized objects of any shape.

Visor materials

The frame is a metal profile of any standard size. The roof is made of steel sheet.

Production time

In order to calculate its cost, depending on the complexity of the construction of a canopy or a visor, write to us using the feedback form or call the phones listed in the “Contacts” section.