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The experience and qualifications of the designers of “ACM MUNCEȘTI” SRL guarantee the high quality of the developments.

Each structure is designed and manufactured individually, in strict accordance with the wishes and requirements of customers.

The company’s specialists use the experience of both foreign and domestic designers, follow the latest achievements in this area.

The company “ACM MUNCEȘTI” designs light metal structures, prefabricated buildings, structures of industrial and high-rise buildings of any complexity. Develop projects for third-party companies that do not have their own specialists.

Building design and structural analysis is carried out using modern and advanced technologies

“ACM MUNCEȘTI” specializes in the installation of structural steel frame structures, primarily lightweight, including lightweight steel structures. We use light steel structures of our own production, as well as structures manufactured by LINDAB Group (Sweden), since “ACM MUNCEȘTI” is its official representative in Moldova.
Our metal structures can be used in the construction of buildings of any size, but they are especially effective in the construction of multi-storey buildings.
Lightweight frame structures are quickly assembled and, if necessary, can be dismantled and transported to other places.
Lightweight steel frame structures are essential for the construction of pavilions, covered markets, warehouses and customs facilities, sports facilities, patios and attics. Modern office buildings based on steel frame structures are as comfortable as traditional office buildings.
In recent years, the construction of attics on existing residential buildings has become especially common in the Republic of Moldova.
The frames of such attics are assembled only from metal structures, which is explained by their relatively low weight, strength, stability and safety.
“ACM MUNCEȘTI” has significant experience in attic frame design, lightweight steel frame construction and installation.