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Production and installation of swing interior and entrance doors made of steel, aluminum, metal-plastic (PVC), polycarbonate, composite materials for all types of premises.

The products can be equipped with mosquito nets.

In the manufacture uses only high quality materials produced by reputed and trustworthy foreign and domestic companies.

The structure can be equipped with an optional glass unit with sun-protection, shockproof or self-cleaning glass.

Door leaves are made of one or different sizes, when one of the leaves is working, and the second, narrower, opens only when a wider passage is required.

We produce doors:

with partial glazing – The upper half is made of glass, and the lower part of the door is blind
with full glazing

The door can swing inward or outward.

The angle of opening the door. Most often, it is 180° (the part “eats” the handle that touches the wall). We can install hinges with a limited opening angle or a floor stopper -limiter that will protect the wall, furniture from damage to the door handle.

Doors are made to order in any size and configuration.